You can feel confident in placing your patients in our care.

We have over 10 years of combined experience in comprehensive diagnostic audiology and treatment of hearing loss. We follow best practices as guided by the American Academy of Audiology and the American Board of Audiology.

We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate hearing solution for each patient.

Will my patient pay out of pocket?

  1. We bill all insurances, including Medicare and Alaska Medicaid.
  2. For an audiological evaluation, Medicare will cover the cost when medically indicated with a referral. Please fax referrals to 907-451-4325 or email to
  3. Most insurance companies, including Alaska Medicaid, offer a hearing aid benefit for hearing aids and associated professional fees every 3-5 years. Our staff will call and verify patient benefits at the time of their hearing loss treatment consultation.
  4. Additionally, we work with worker’s compensation claims.

What is the average cost of a hearing aid?

  • The best hearing aid for a patient truly depends on a diagnostic evaluation and lifestyle needs. Hearing aids typically start at $1500 per device (refundable within 60 days less non-refundable professional fee). This cost includes bundled clinic services, a repair warranty, and loss insurance.
  • If a patient already has hearing aids, our first goal is to evaluate and program them best for the patient before considering a new purchase. Hearing aid repair and programming estimations are of no charge. Every patient will be provided quotes for any out-of-pocket repair costs.

Is there a difference between hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers?

Yes. We work with most hearing aid makes/models. Over-the-counter and online personal amplifiers are occasionally recommended when appropriate (i.e. for some patients with mild hearing loss and excellent speech discrimination).

How do I make an appointment for my patient?

  1. Call 866-485-2051 or fax 907-451-4325 a referral to set up an appointment. Please mention the reason for referral.
  2. We accept Medicare. See Medicare form for requirements.

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