Finding the right hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss you have, the severity, and the features you’re looking for. At Aurora Audiology we work with the best hearing aid brands in the world to ensure you get quality hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Aids Logo

Phonak Hearing Aids

One of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Phonak is a Swiss company who distributes hearing aids in more than 100 countries worldwide. Phonak’s hearing solutions include smart apps, rechargeable options, and “super discreet” hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing Aids Logo

Starkey Hearing Aids

Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer. Starkey offers a wide selection of hearing aids including invisible products, smartphone compatible and new hearing & activity trackers.

Resound Hearing Aids Logo

Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound is owned by The GN Group, a global company with more than 140 years of experience in hearing technology. Resound’s selection of intelligent hearing aids, hearables, wireless accessories and apps offer solutions for every need.

oticon hearing aids logo

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon’s slogan is “people first” and are dedicated to empowering people to communicate freely and naturally. A world leader in hearing science and technology, they’ve offered innovative solutions since 1904.

Unitron Hearing Aids Logo

Unitron Hearing Aids

Manufacturer of the world’s smallest hearing aid, Unitron Hearing Aids are a global hearing aid manufacturer located in Canada. Unitron’s hearing aids are designed with simplicity in mind and have won numerous awards.

 Audible to Audible Hearing Aids Logo


Audibel offers a selection of wireless hearing aids, digital hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. You are sure to find the solution that is right for you.

CaptionCall by Sorenson


Have trouble hearing on the phone? You may be eligible for a free captioned telephone. CaptionCall is an innovative telephone technology. You dial and speak like on any phone, but with the help of communication assistants, you get written captions much like captions on your television. Give us a call, we can help you determine if you are eligible and verify your hearing loss.

CapTel logo


If you have hearing loss and struggle to hear on the phone you may be eligible for a free CapTel phone. CapTel phones not only amplify voices and reduce background noise, they transcribe and display live captions of entire conversations. Even better, there are no monthly fees or hidden service charges. The process starts with a hearing test to verify your hearing loss. Give us a call to find out next steps.

Cochlear logo


Cochlear understands that hearing connects us to the world. Since 1981, Cochlear has created more than 550,000 devices for patients with severe hearing loss. Cochlear is committed to research and development and offers patients access to technology upgrades. This Australian-based cochlear implant manufacturer has their US headquarters in Denver, CO. 

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